Taste it once to come back for more, taste it twice to fall in love.

Chef Fred’s Passion for Barbecue

"Barbecue! I wish barbecue for more people!"
This is a story of how a little wish in Chef Fred’s heart had bloomed to become a great barbecue rib restaurant.

Questions Blooming

As usual, Chef Fred visited the local Barbecue restaurant with his family.
As they ordered the food, Chef Fred noticed how foods seemed to be pricey for majority of middle class families. Besides, unintentional orders on too much of other dishes were becoming a routine.

Grilling barbecue ribs at home required essential machines and utensils. Smoke in the backyard will often crawl over fences of Chef Fred’s neighbors.
From preparing, dining, and to clean up the mess …. Grilling the gourmet barbecue ribs at home was a hassle for a business man Fred and his equally busy family members.

From generation to another, barbecue rib was passed down with the recognition of it being the food which can be shared with many of friends, family members and more with precious laughters and joyful greetings.
Chef Fred noticed that nowadays “Barbecue” is being recognized as a fancy dinner meal or a hassle at home for majority of people.
He started questioning, “How can people with little time and little budget enjoy the gourmet barbecue?”
There, he started looking for the solution.

Great Sauce Demands For Great Failures!

After hundreds of failures to find the perfect sauce for the barbecue ribs and other menus.
Chef Fred and his wife Sarah finally invented the sauce for their barbecue pork ribs which stayed in its originality but gave a kick of spiciness and tanginess which also could be enjoyed from young kids to adults.

Chef Fred also decided to provide the customers with his gourmet “barbecue pork ribs” menu at an affordable price that is equivalent to the price of fast food.

Opening Up The Restaurant “New Town Grill”

As Chef Fred opened up the barbecue restaurant “NewTownGrill” in the middle of the city Pomona, He started providing his customers only of barbecue ribs with his self invented specialty sauce! His specially invented chili soup contains more than 40 ingredients and is added as a side menu on to many dishes at his restaurant as well as his barbecue pork ribs menu.

Journey Continues On..

He continues for the day of more people being able to enjoy the gourmet barbecue ribs, and is constantly seeking for customers' feedback for evaluations. His motto, “Barbecue for more people!” and his infatuation for barbecue seems to be never ending.